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Add some light to your life.


Add some life to your light.


S e a U r c h i n


Mouth-blown satinated opale glass hanging fixture. Four orientable recessed spots create glare free accent lighting. The glass diffuser catching some light from the spots gives a beautiful soft glow .

Prototype. Please contact me if you are interested in this project.


Ø:350mm x 150mm., 4 x 12v gx53 35w.


Sea Urchin lets you control the spreading of the light on your working surface.

Just move the rods at the top of the lamp, and get the light wherever you need it on the surface beneath.


Balance + high comfort

because of the 3 levels

of lighting.


-soft light

on the ceiling & through the lampshade.

-stronger on

the working surface.



No glare

because of the recessed spotlights.


Discreet and efficent Sea Urchin hovers lightly above a table, in a study or a kitchen.


As it can hang higher witout giving any glare, it would also fit in a hall.


Create your own scene, concentrate the 4 beams on one point, or spread them in any shape.




S h o o o


Project dedicated to Y.E.,Brussels October 2013.

Floor lamp consisting of a strong uplighter for general lighting, and a directional downlighter.

The client is a multiartist with works ranging from sculpture, writing and painting. The lamp was to illuminate a little chinese desk in an Art Deco environment stuffed with contemparary artwork.

This lamp will be produced in a serie of 14 pieces.

Materials: Porcelain, gilded stainless steel, black lizard skin, covering the whole steel frame.

L:380mm H:2000mm D:270mm

120w halogen + 5w led 230v


B o u t c h a m o u c h a



Project for Y.E.,Brussels

- January 2000.

The project was to illuminate a limited area on a painted ceiling, in a music room. Out of 8 projects, the client ordered the most crazy one! Thank you Yvette and Marc!

Cast aluminium, silicone, wool, ostrich feathers.

2X50W, 12v, built-in transfo-dimmer.

Dim: L:200mm H:250-300mm D:130mm.

The “eyes” can be oriented in any logical direction as the branches are flexible.

R a d i o


Project for A.K., Brussels April 2000.

Uplighter with diffuse side light.

The idea was to design a very strong uplighter, The client is an art painter, whose work was mainly based on the white square.

Materials: Layered borosilicate glass, steel, aluminium.

L:240mm H:120mm D:60mm.

400w 230v.

H e l e n a



Project for H.vE. Brussels,

March 2002.

Reading lamp. The shade can be turned in any direction , and the whole lamp can be tilted in forward position for best reading comfort.

Concrete, brass, mahogany, shantung.


D e n S t o r e O l e



Project for M&M B., “DEN STORE OLE”

- May 2000.

The challenge was designing a lamp with a very focused light coming from a very high location, that had to be moved around from time to time.

Materials: Cast aluminium, carbon fiber.

2X20W AR70, 12V, transfo included.

Dim: L:250mm H:2800mm D:180mm.

Can be oriented in 145° vertically, 90° horizontally.

F l a t h e a d



Project for C, København-2004

First project with L.E.D. The desk lamp has a very flat head, 8 x 1w warm white led, and a concentrated light, much more efficent than any other led desk lamp at that time. The arms articulation makes the lamp extremely adaptative

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