Charles Daumerie was born in Brussels in 1968.

He studied Marketing at the E.P.H.E.C., Brussels and two years in industrial design at the ENSAV in Brussels too. After that, four years with J-N Craps in metallic sculpture at L'Ecole d'Art d'Uccle.


Charles first contact with the lighting world was in 1991 with the Spanish designer Ygnacio Barranga, assisting him with the development of Osqar, a little table lamp.

From 1995, Charles worked six years at the lighting company L'Autre Lumiere, in direct contact with final users and architects, providing advice and selling lighting fixtures. He got to know more than 300 different lighting brands.


In 2000, he started designing and making custom-made lighting fixtures for private clientele.

The same year, Charles moved to Denmark and worked as an independent salesman for the lighting brands Luce Plan and Ingo Maurer.


Attracted more and more to the poetic and playful side of design, he went on designing and developing lamps, jewelry and objects at the blurring border between sculpture and design.


He has designed Kiteykite for TossB, Belgium, and BailĂ , for Edgeform, Denmark, plus unique projects for private customers.



Reflexxions is a design and sculpture project that aims at creating objects with a soul.



State of Mind


Bubbles of emotions bursting into matter, like recordings of moments, steps of stairs going (down?) to our upper, hidden room. A meeting with the untouched or the forgotten. A slight change of reality.


Reflexxions moves from one infinite room to the next, yearning for more and more space to unfold its wings.

Across fields of liberty and immense solitude, reaching.

Reaching through the fog with hesitating hands and arms made og glass- or is it ice?

Is it a dead end, or is there more to see than the eye expects?

There probably is.

One more bubble.

It's light. It's transparent, in a way.

I made it for you.


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