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Small series

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Photo credits:

Chris Yarbrough.

Carlotta Marangone


Tell it to the Moon is a project that started roughly in the year 2000.

A small spot that could easily be moved around, was non intrusive yet with a quiet personality.

A versatile light to emphasize something that you especially like, or simply to distribute light around a living space more evenly in order to get a comfortable indirect light. Or even to work on backgrounds, behind a laptop or a tv, to achieve less contrast for your eyes.

A type of lighting that gives you light from your own environment.

The project got many designs, several names, and it actually took 15 years to finally get a shape I could be happy with. In the meantime, technological development allowed me to fit the little lamp with an LED bulb which light that consume very little energy, that won't burn your hand if you touch the lamp, and last but not least, has such an excellent color rendering that will get you out of the slightly cold and grey aura created by most energy saving light sources.

Tell it to the Moon is edited in unglazed porcelain, handmade in Denmark in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Dimensions:80x150mm, 230v Gu10 LED 4,5w (250-300Lumens, 2700k, Cri 95


Retailer: Louisiana Butik, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark



Produced in 2006 by TossB, a lighting company based i Belgium.

Hanging fixture that gives a well balanced light at three llevels:

-soft and diffuse, through a white acrylic square pane.

-spotlike centered beam, through the hole cut into the center of the square.

-soft and diffuse on the ceiling, thanks to the reflection on the shiny white acrylic.

Kiteykite can be tilted in any direction, is constructed to avoid any glare and is ideal in halls or above dining tables.

Dimensions 600x600x300mm, 230v e27 Par 30, 75w.



Mouth-blown opale glass hanging or table lighting fixture, produced as a limited edition of 200 pieces by the Copenhagen-based company Edge Form, 2007.

BailĂ  means "dance" in Spanish. The shape, when you walk around it, is never the same. Like a flamenco dancer, its emotion in movement as well as in stillstand.

This lighting fixture is no longer available.


Dimensions 270 x 280 mm,230 v g9 40w.


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